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Although none of us initially plan to sub-contract our meticulously established security business, we can all be subject to times when resources become over stretched such as during holidays, periods of sickness, resignation or even new contract start-ups or short term extra cover requirements. It is at times like these when a pool of reliable and professional security officers who are available at hand, can help make the difference between retaining a contract, or losing it.

This is where I.S.A comes in. We are the professional’s choice and experts at ensuring your business reputation is kept intact, whenever you require external resources to continue delivering a quality service to your customers.

Accredited as an SIA Approved Contractor, all our officers are fully licensed and trained to Industry Standards audited by ISOQAR. Operating throughout the UK, ISA is building a commendable reputation as a trusted partner who delivers a timely cost-effective solution every time an assignment has been accepted.

There are other benefits to sub-contracting, such as the ability to take on additional work even when you lack sufficient resources, there are no recruitment or uniform costs, no need to arrange holiday or sickness cover or pay overtime rates (even assuming you can persuade your current staff to work additional hours).

At ISA we know how important your reputation is which is why we work hard to protect your professional image and to service your requirements every day of the year. Why not place I.S.A at the top of your list the next time you need extra cover.

I.S.A “The professional’s choice who will value your business”

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