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Muslim Heritage Centre

ISA are proud to have recently secured the contract to provide Security Services at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, located in the heart of the city of Manchester. A centre for all communities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, it strives to provide a welcoming environment for all, working in partnership for the [...]

ISA Sanctuary

In Wazirabad, Pakistan, ISA have recently invested considerably in the construction of a refuge for women and children, suffering domestic abuse or hardship. Our goal is to provide them with a temporary safe haven, whilst sourcing them safe, permanent accommodation. During their time at our shelter, we teach them essential life [...]

ISA Food Bank

At ISA, we strongly believe, nobody in our community should face the hardship of facing hunger and not being able to provide the most basic of essentials for themselves and their loved ones. We have recently launched the ISA Food Bank and provide support to the people in our community who [...]

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