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Bespoke And Specialised Building And Construction Site Security From ISA

Ensure That Your Construction Sites Are Completely Secure

It is common for construction sites to come under theft or vandalism due to the open nature of these areas.

These instances can result in serious delays to any building projects and many insurance companies will refuse to cover construction sites unless suitable security measures have been put in place.

To combat this, ISA delivers holistic construction site security services which are implemented seamlessly alongside your site schedule.

No project deadlines will be affected whatsoever but your valuable assets including tools, machinery, equipment, building materials as well as your staff will be protected.

Whether you need overnight security or a 24/7 service, single-site or multiple site protection, static or mobile security guards or a range of other services, ISA does it all.

We are experts in creating bespoke security solutions and will provide carefully calculated recommendations based on your specific requirements and the services you will need.

Benefits of construction site security:
• Deter thieves & vandals
• Protect site workers
• Control access through authorisation processes
• Save money by not having to replace damaged equipment or materials

The latest statistics from insurer Allianz Cornhill recently revealed that theft alone costs the UK construction industry £800m per year. Half of this figure is due to stolen equipment which has a 10% recovery rate following theft.

Construction sites are also a prime target for metal theft with up to 7,000 metal-related thefts recorded each month!

To enquire more about ISA’s construction site security services or to discover the tailor made options we could provide for you, fill out the contact form or click the call button on this page!

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