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We understand that prevention is far better than the loss of revenue and valuable time. Our dedicated Retail Security Services division, of which every member possesses an SIA licence, strive to minimise ongoing losses by clamping down on shoplifting and theft.

Retail Security is a sector that comes with a very unique set of challenges but our adaptable teams are more than capable of dealing with any retail environment across the UK.

We understand the high pressure of margins in the retail industry therefore our innovative methods of loss reduction will never affect the smooth running of your business operations. Revenue will be maximised as losses will decrease.

Not only are our officers able to pre-empt potential theft and disruption on site, they also appreciate the value of excellent customer service, making every effort to maintain a pleasant environment for shoppers and employees alike.

Benefits of Retail Security
• Significantly reduce and recover lost profit in your retail business
• Improve your line of defence against theft
• Find the source to where your security weaknesses are and how these gaps are being exploited

In recent years, retail based crime has cost British businesses as much as £613m which has been driven by criminal gangs looking to steal luxury goods including designer clothing and popular electronic products.

There has been a rise in the use of specialist de-tagging equipment and foil-lined bags to avoid detection by electronic security equipment which is why a human security element is a necessity.

In 2016, retail related criminal offences amounted to 750,144 incidents across the UK. To put that into perspective, that is over 2000 incidents every day!

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